Salicylic Acid Peels: Home Peels vs In-Office Peels

Salicylic acid chemical peels can help control acne and can improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Chemical peels have traditionally been performed in-office by dermatologists, but these days you can buy a home peel kit and perform your own peel. Let’s have a look at how home salicylic acid chemical peels compare to in-office ones.

Home Peels Are Cheaper than Office Peels

One of the biggest perks of performing your chemical peel yourself at home is the price. Home peel kits are generally much, much cheaper than in-office peels. So, if you’re looking to maintain your appearance with regular, mild chemical peels, you might want to go with a home peel, instead of breaking the bank on monthly maintenance peels.

In-Office Peels are Safer than Home Peels

Any way you slice it, in-office peels are safer than home peels. That’s because in-office peels are administered by qualified, trained professionals who know exactly what they’re doing. That’s not to say that you can’t safely give yourself a chemical peel at home. But if you’re giving yourself a home chemical peel, use a low concentration peeling formula, and be careful.

In-Office Peels Can Be More Effective than Home Peels

That’s because in-office peels can safely penetrate deeper into your skin to remove more of the skin’s surface and provide more dramatic, longer-lasting results. While it’s safe to give yourself a mild chemical peel at home, the results may not be quite as dramatic as you’d like and they may not last as long as you’d prefer. If you want a deeper peel, you should have it done in-office. Your dermatologists is qualified to safely administer medium depth and deep peels while minimizing your risks of scarring, demarcation lines, and pigmentation changes.

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